September 16, 2012
Fighting with a father, a mother, a brother – NOT COOL.
Saying the word ‘love’ when you don’t know the meaning—NOT COOL.
Avoiding the truth even though it hurts—NOT COOL.
Being someone you’re not just to fit in—NOT COOL.
Listening to screaming voices bouncing back and forth; a million profanities—NOT COOL.
Lying to a friend because you think the truth will hurt them. Not only is this NOT COOL but it’s also telling them they can’t handle the truth. They don’t deserve it.
Complaining because you can’t get everything you want… There are people starving. What about what they need? Complaining? You’re definitely NOT COOL.

You want to know what is COOL?

Staying up late and watching the stars. That’s COOL.
Saying you’re sorry and meaning it completely is COOL.
Living an emotion, not just feeling it is COOL.
Being an individual with a mind of your own, being beautiful without make-up or money, loving someone for who they are is COOL.

Seeing someone like a blind man does, without color or race or prejudice

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realitysucks said...
Sept. 18, 2012 at 8:22 pm
I LOVE THIS POEM! Everything you said is very true and cool! Keep it up!
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