September 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Year after year drifts slowly into the past...and only the memories are going to last.

Memories worth a million or not a dime. Memories of yesterday and a long ago time.

(Stolen memories unforgettable memories)

Smile and the memories will make you cry.

Laugh and watch the tears dry.

Memories of good and memories of bad.

Memories to make you happy or sad. (Baby crying old man dying flower fading sun arising)

memories will soon be all you have of people and the love they gave.

Memories to help you be strong when life is treating you wrong.

(Weightless worthless careless timeless)

a moment a memory is going to be.

A memory of a moment.

Memories lasting through time neverending.

Make every moment worth remembering.

(Moments to count. Memories to member)

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