The Darkest Path

September 13, 2012
Life is a hollow emptiness,
at least, it is for me,
filled with lies and disappointment,
through the darkness,
lies a path,
lined with evil,
and covered in a fine layer of broken glass,
at the end of the path,
is something i would not wish upon my greastest enemies,
when it is first seen,
it appears as a snowy topped mountain,
but once one gets closer,
and the vision becaomes clearer,
you soon realize when lies before you,
is a mountainous pile of courpses,
utopped by your beloved's bones,
and among the corpses you see your loved ones,
well, their broken, deforemed, almost unreconizable corpses,
and theres nothing you'd like to do more that run to your safe place,
cry til there are no more tears,
but beware,
fore if you do,
you will soon find the path gone,
and your skin will melt,
and your bones will be turned to ash,
and your soul will merge with those of the travelers that walked the path long before you,
so beware the path hidden in the darkness, the evil, the wickedness,
that is a tortured lonely life.

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