Another Mom Poem

September 13, 2012
By Anonymous

I keep thinking of you today.
I wish you actually cared.
I love you and always will.
I just wish you would love me the way your supposed to.

Well I guess I'm wishing the wrong thing.
I've tried to put you away in the back of my head but it don't work.
I guess it works for you though because you don't really care.
Unlike you I care like I'm supposed to.

How can I still love you when you treat me like crap and act like I don't exist?
I wonder what you would say if I said these things to your face.
Well we both know what he outcome would be.
That response is depression, hate, anger, and disappointment.
That's what it would lead to.
So why do I still bother?

I tell you why because your supposed to be apart of me.
But you don't even act like a mother.
You only get one mother and one chance to show her you love her.
I have showed you love.

Why can't you do the same on your part.
A mother and a daughter take two efforts.
Fifty percent on your half as my mother.
Fifty percent on my half as your daughter.

Where is your half of the effort?
I've put in more than fifty percent of effort.
I'm not going to put in your full fifty percent.
I've already put in twenty five percent of the fifty percent that your supposed to contribute.

I'm sorry if it's to much to ask for you to put in the other remaining twenty five percent.
It's not like I'm asking for the whole fifty percent.
Is that really to much to ask from you?

I guess it's to much to ask from you.
Well I know the truth.
You can stop telling me lies.
I know you think lies cover the truth but they don't.

I'm old enough to know the difference between the truth and a lie.
I think you forget that.
I guess you really don't care.
That won't ever change.
We both know that for a fact.
I need to figure out how to not care like you.
Maybe then you won't be able to hurt me.

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