Be my escape

September 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Be my escape from the world,from the hurt,from the uncertainty
Help me sketch in the missing parts,of me,of my future, of us
Tell me,you understand,you care,you feel the same way
Let me know you're,dependable, honest,reliable
Know that I accept,your flaws,your weaknesses,your desires
Allow me to show that, I care,I understand,I accept you
Appreciate the beauty of,this,of the world,of us
Promise that,things will never change,it will stay the same,there will always be an us
Even though its a lie I'll appreciate the,effort,the thought,the wish
Because no matter,how I feel,how you feel,there's no guarantee
But we have to try to,beat the odds,the statistics, the TRUTH

The author's comments:
I Think what inspired me was I watched people go into relationships expecting different things and seeing them get hurt. I

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