I Am the Ocean

September 13, 2012
By miagirl14 BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
miagirl14 BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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I am a warrior;
horses charge on the crests of my waves.
I am eternal;
my life is unchanged by the sands of time.
I am a mystery;
my riddles cannot be solved by the sons of men.

I am a free hunter,
but I am the slave of the mistress Luna.
I am the nations’ shield,
yet I am their deadly destroyer of vitality.
I am the giver of life,
and I am the cold thief of souls.

I am strong-willed;
but I am rejected the freedom of choice.
I am parched,
yet I am full of water.
I am joyous,
and I am a creature of wrath.

I am a blue desert;
I am immeasurable and untamable.
I am a sapphire;
I am a rock-breaker.
I am a rambunctious, self-sufficient youth;
I am the ocean.

The author's comments:
I had to write this poem for an English class assignment, but it's one of my favorite works that I've done. We had to write a poem about the ocean making use of alliteration, consonance, metaphor, and assonance.

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