Goodbye Mom

September 13, 2012
By Anonymous

These eyes have pain behind them because of you.
You are my flesh and blood and you treat me like crap.
You are supposed to love me as your daughter and you don't.

I thought the saying family always have your back was true.
I guess you proved me wrong.
You are suppose to love me not tear me down.
Then again you don't care and never have.

All you know how to do is hurt and disappoint.
You don't know how to love.
At least if you do you don't know how to show me love.

Why do you break promises and disappoint me.
You must like seeing me hurt.
Why can't you love me the way your supposed to.
You act as if I don't exist.

I've held back tears because of you.
You don't consider me your daughter.
It hurts to know you don't care.
Inside I cry but outside I act like it don't bother me.

I will never be a mother like you.
I will actually love my kids and be there for them.
I won't abandon them like you did me.

I will hold them in my arms and tell them that I love them everyday of there lives.
I will make sure that they know I love them.

Even when they grow up I will be there for them unlike you.
I will never hurt them in any way.

I'm done trying and failing because of you.
I'm done fighting this never ending battle with you.
I will always have an empty spot in my heart but I'm not begging you to be apart of my life anymore.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my mom all she does is hurt me.

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