Internal Conversing

September 13, 2012
By caitlindancer14 GOLD, Holland, Michigan
caitlindancer14 GOLD, Holland, Michigan
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I had a conversation with myself last night. No, I am not schizophrenic, and yes, I was sober and off drugs. But still I conversed with my own mind. I told it to sit down. I told it to shut up. I was sick of its logic making everything difficult and building the walls that blocked out the eyes of chance. For every time I stood on the precipice of a cliff, my heart ready to jump, my mind was clutched it by the coattails and yanked it back to land. 'I cannot be silenced,' said my consciousness, and my heart interjected with 'But you can learn how to whisper.' So my mind stepped back, turning into a faint sound as my heart took over, free to leap over the cliff with arms spread wide. That, my dearest friend, is why I am standing on your front porch tonight: so that you may ask your mind to whisper and let your heart be free.

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