Sunrise Wakes the Slumbering Sky

September 13, 2012
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Every morning, the sun gently shakes awake the slumbering sky.
The sun paints the sleepy, dark blues transforming into fiery reds.
As the shoreline begins to slide further back,

the mussels and clams are exposed and the smell hits your nose.
Seagulls wake up to the warm sun to sing their morning song

indicating a new day has now begun.
Standing on the soft, wet sand,

I feel my feet sinking down below.
The waves tumble over my feet and

it tries to lure me in with its foamy fingers.
It seems like an impossibility to be pulling away from this peaceful safe haven,

back to the asphalt and the blaring car horns of the morning rush.
But my life needs to continue, and the beach goers are beginning to flock in.
One can lose track of time staring at this quiescent site,
but as I glance one more time,
I’m left with simply thoughts of this moment,
forever floating around in my mind.

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