That Last Night

September 13, 2012
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That last night on the beautiful ship
Planning to stay up all night.
All my friends, on the top deck,
As the ship speeds towards the land,
And watching the sunset, wishing it would last


I wanted to be happy, but you weren’t there.
If you wanted, you could be with me and that hurt.
So I just waited, hoping you would show up.
As I jumped up to dance around with friends,
I saw you, glaring at me with those eyes and my heart


You slowly but willingly approached me.
Wondering if I felt the same way you did.
As my blood was rushing through my veins,
We strolled over to the side of the ship.
We both couldn’t stop smiling because we were finally


Just being with you that one last night,
Made my whole life complete.
I wish we could go back just so I can see you again,
But I know we can’t so we have to move on.
I always want you to remember,

I love you.

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