They Taunt and They Tease

September 13, 2012
By LizzyApplePie PLATINUM, Grand Island, New York
LizzyApplePie PLATINUM, Grand Island, New York
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Eyes look your last, arms take your last embrace, and you o'lips, doors of breath, place a righteous kiss.

Searing pain,
Screams and cries.
Red blood drains,
Blue and black Skies.

They taunt and they tease.
I cry and I scream,
as they call me whatever they please,
while I hope it's only a dream.

My body goes numb,
I fall to the floor.
They make me feel so dumb,
and call me a w****.

I lay in a puddle of blood,
hoping no one finds me.
Flowers that will never bud,
In the harshful way life has to be.

I sit unaware,
a bottle of sleep aids in my hand.
Sick of being an easy scare,
from a life I am banned.

I look down at water rushing below.
Closting my eyes and letting go.
Frankly, life blows.
Hiding insults in a cough.

You don't know
what it's like to be me.
So please go,
because I wasn't meant to be.

So say goodbye
if you dare.
Even though I know it's all a lie.
But, again, my life was never fair.

Blood dripping,
Love ripping.

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