Sew Me A Seat Belt

September 13, 2012
Someone stitch me a smile,
Mine has torn at its tattered seams
And its facing in the wrong direction,
People keep telling me that my life
Is going in the wrong direction,
Someone knit me a road map
And sew me a seat belt
I am going to crash,
Someone tell me that it is not my fault

Someone pen me a life raft,
I am living in the eye of the storm
And I am drowning,
And at the same time
Someone write me an anchor and throw me the chain,
Someone hold me down before I float away,
Someone hold me,
If I never leave the ground
Then I can never jump,
Someone stop me from jumping

Someone sing me a band-aid, a blanket fort,
And a safe place to hide,
I have forgotten how it feels to be protected,
Someone play me a warm hug
And a forehead kiss,
Someone conduct me a bowl of chicken noodle soup
And scrawl the word comfort
On your music staff,
Just don’t write in any rests,
Someone pluck his love
From your violin strings,
I have not heard that sound in so many years,
Someone tell my ears it is okay to cry

Someone paint me to sleep,
Sketch me a lullaby
And draw me a good dream,
I am too empty for sleep these days,
Someone rock me in a canvas cradle
And color me every shade of beautiful,
Every shade of it really does get better,
Every shade of maybe this time
If you close your eyes you won’t see his face,
Someone pillow me a sketch book

Someone build me a bomb shelter
For the war I was born into,
I did not ask for this life,
Someone tore me from my mothers arms,
Replaced my birth certificate with dog tags,
Gave me a gun,
And said pull the trigger,
Its the only way anyone will ever remember you,
I am not sure who I am meant to be aiming at;
They never gave me a helmet,
Someone tell me that it is not my fault

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