tic tacs

September 13, 2012
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My English teacher told me to wright a poem
So I asked her on today, tomorrow yesterday
She told me everything
And I muttered under breath
Little brief don’t you think.
I tried I did
I’m not lying I cross my heart
But when someone says everything
There looking for something really emotional and meaningful
But my brain isn’t moving
It’s just um normal.
I started off with…
“I wish I could wear a dress as big as the world
And it would spin and twirl”
I scribbled it out though
No one would want to her that
Because supermarkets don’t have dresses as big as the world
I wish supermarkets sold mums to
But they don’t I checked.
I tried to get my dad to help me
He was asleep
With a tic tacs lying all around him.
I cringed my nose in disgust
I mean if you are going to buy tic tacs
At least buy the orange ones.
I thought about the poem more
My dad’s good at this stuff he could have helped me
My mum would probably be good at it to.
If she wasn’t in space of course
She’s over there taking pictures of all Jupiter’s moons
Just for me.
She knows that I especially love Jupiter.
I told dad about it
He cried.
I think it made him really sad
But there was nothing I could do
Dad didn’t ask mum to take photos for him to.
He should of, and now he is sulking
By eating way to many tic tacs
Even worse because he isn’t eating the orange ones.
My friend Casey said that his mum
Was in Africa taking photos of hippos.
Africa would be good to
I know because last year my mum told me
That she
Took photos of a not even discovered species yet
In Africa
Just for me.
Dad got sad again when I told him.
And I told him that sulking is just unattractive.
Mums been away in space for a while now
I miss her and I tell her I love her every night
I do I swear
If I didn’t a new born baby would die
Because a mama was unloved
My auntie Bec told me that.
So I say it every night,
I love babies and I don’t want them to die.
I told dad that he should say it every single night to
He did it really well
And didn’t come out of his room for a week
Because he was so busy saying I love you.
I know I shouldn’t sulk
But I don’t really like dad saying it
Because I love my mum the most
When my mum comes back I think
She is going straight to the barrier reef
To snorkel,
I know she will take pictures just for me.
This time I don’t think I will tell my dad though
To many tic tacs just aren’t good for anyone.

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