i hope one day

September 13, 2012
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How many lovers will I come to see?
There smiles and there tears.
I think I will see enough so that If it pleased me
I could fill up Melbourne with their tear drops.
I could swim through it if I really wanted to.
How many faraway lands will I visit?
When I’m older do you think?
Going to space will be a regular thing.
Hopefully I will be able to see Jupiter’s many moons.
I probably will fall in love
And then have my heart broken
Because you can’t be happy forever
And nothing is perfect.
Remember that next time everything is great,
Because karma sucks and it won’t forget.
I know that I will be a photographer or maybe a ballerina
Who is so small that she actually fitted in your suitcase.
You would take her away with you.
As far as the waterfall on the great barrier reef
And maybe to Mount Aso’s highest point
Where ever you take her make sure it’s good.
I know when I’m older that I will probably forget this
Adults don’t remember silly things
It’s funny because I don’t think it’s silly.
You know each time you wake up you’re a day older
Less fun more work.
It won’t matter though because
Once you’re old you forget how much you dreaded it
And everything is normal once again.
I hope that I will get a kiss in the rain on my doorstep,
While I’m wearing a beautiful dress.
I hope I don’t get too sad and lonely.
Just because I don’t have a mum,
I have a dad though and he is really nice.
I hope that I will have a white Christmas,
And study Buddhism.
I will meet the Beatles,
And I will cover the biggest stories held.
If things don’t work out though it will be okay
Because the autumn leaves will always fall
And the flowers will always bloom.
When winter comes and I am sad
I will just remember that in the middle of the night
It’s someone else day.

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