i Prefer fall

September 12, 2012
[The door to the coffee shop is frosty
The bell clangs quietly
When you open it
Your cheeks are red]

Rain is falling from the sky and the sky is a sweet gray
The air smells like something forgotten
The mountains are misty;
Their peaks that reach beyond
To somewhere we cannot know are
Muffled by the clouds, lost

Like summer.

The leaves are soft and rich, and damp with the
Lavender scent of rain

[And we slide back comfortably into our routines.
You wear a scarf and I pull out jeans and sweaters
Your hair dancing in the crisp air]

The change is neat, not like winter to spring,
One day you wake up and you know it is fall.
[You get up and pull on your gloves so willingly:
In two months you will miss summer,
But I prefer fall.]

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ajl245167 said...
Sept. 15, 2012 at 11:03 pm
It's my favorite season!
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