Lame Incoherence

September 12, 2012
By Danutts BRONZE, Managua, Maryland
Danutts BRONZE, Managua, Maryland
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Emptiness alone is helpless to bare
Why stand here another second
When it all doubles the drifting pain

With no sorrow in his eyes
He filled me^ with envy
The clarity ofa smile
To mean the unexpected
Tohide a feeling that you've kept
Soo deep

Nothing cud make me^ change my mind
Nothing wud make me^ happy again
But the bliss he once held and drenched
As he paced by my side

Nothing is forever
It's best to face it sooner than later
Choosing Reality is superfluous
In the end everything
Is unreal

No what Ifs
Just live as u do aspiring the fuel that once kept u pumping
Dying with hope
To feel wat u once thought
Could be kept intact
Inside but keeping it to urself
Was the slip

Then it's too late to take it back
To say what u thought
Could always be said
Never wait and don't hesitate
Just go ahead

Take a risk don't lay ahead
Don't always think
Follow ur own desire to find
Yourself and proclaim ur need

Forget about the past and decide to move on before it turns around and your left with no Love if it exists

Don't expect the best
Don't expect but hope
As the stars shine their light
The moon steals their spark

Returning is infliction
Keeping the memory is the anguish
Lying Is only the end
Cuz as hard as you try you can't
4get it's who you are
It stops you

no further path To take
no goals to fake
Wanting to go but
the hurt is still there
Sitting just waiting to penetrate
as it grows buried in ourselves

Kicking out hope
...letting regret and guilt spread in blocking out thoughts
Preventing the quench we long for

Teardrops will fall harder than rain faster than sound .slower than light
Drowning the smile the laugh nd the heart in you
No it's not depression or resentment
But the effect of accumulated rage and magnificent obedience

The beautiful patience thought to b held was the defensive that wud burst soon enough

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