Give up, Go.

September 12, 2012
By aabreu2102 BRONZE, Riyadh, Other
aabreu2102 BRONZE, Riyadh, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Usually, the kid coloring outside the lines is having the most fun.

I could live a hundred lives
and underserving I would remain
I could try a thousand times
but the result would be the same;

You answer instantly at my call
I leave when I please
I give you no attention at all
Yet my side you never leave;

You call, I leave.
I argue, You agree.
You come, I flee.

Is it my fault that unrequited love
Is all that it can be
I want to change, and give
but my heart's abc
Disagrees with me;

Give up. Go.
You deserve better
Let your love flow
Elsewhere greater.

The author's comments:
Sometimes the only way to let someone you care about move on is by pushing them forward, even if it means hurting them. Is it hard? Yes, but is necessary? Once again, yes. Rejection hurts from both sides and here's my interpretation of it.

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