The Compliment

September 11, 2012
By RosemaryDarvill SILVER, Los Angeles, California
RosemaryDarvill SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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Per aspera ad astra.

A swirl of emotions cloud up inside
Happiness, ecstasy, elation, and pride
When he delivers a compliment
Bursting with praise
Dashing coherency into a haze

I fumble and trip over my tongue
Words forming, dissolving, ending up hung
So close to escaping
A perfect reply
Instantly vanish when I look in his eyes

A stuttering wreck of noises slip out
Burning embarrassment as I desperately flout
For adequate words
A restoring remark
My dignity slipping away in the dark

If I could but write a letter of thanks
It’d appear much more elegant, eloquent, frank
For I am a poet
A writer that uses
Written words to unleash my feelings and muses

The author's comments:
So I received a compliment, and the first line instantly popped into my head. Which is how the majority of my poems are born; a random line pops into my head at the most random moments, and I go from there. This poem is about the happiness a compliment can bring, but then my sheer awkwardness when I try to say thank you. I'm much better at writing my feelings then saying them out loud. Go eat a cookie.

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