One Drink Too Many

September 11, 2012
By Anonymous

The words you say,
The actions you perform
What happened to your nurture, your love and your warmth?

The things you do,
And the person you’ve turned out to be
I don’t even know who you are to me

It’s not just me, the boys see it too
One drink to start then turns into two
Three, four, many more
“You don’t have to worry; I’ll just have a few”

It’s not just your drinking, it’s the smoking as well
With all this stuff, you’re making life a living hell
You go and go and go, but at which point will you stop?
One more time and you might just drop.

You’re a mother one second, and an enemy the other
Why do you do this to me and my brothers?
So many questions, and no one to ask
If I tried to ask you, you would kick me in the a**.

But I’m just a teen, what the hell do I know?
The world revolves around me, and I think I know
Everything at the top of a hat
That must be true, since you always say that.

I guess time will tell, and you’ll never know
How bad I feel and how long I have to go
To keep this inside like everything else
This is the worst I have ever felt

Maybe someday things will change for the better
It seems to me like nothing to you matters
Your children are hurting, and you’re the cause
It’s time to change your many flaws.

But who am I to say what stays and what goes?
If you’re not told then you’ll never know
Years have come and years will go
Some point in time I just want you to know

I don’t think it will happen, and I don’t expect you too
I probably won’t ever show this to you.
As time goes on, hopefully things will change
Who am I kidding? You’ll probably stay the same.

If this continues, I don’t know what I’ll do
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive you.

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