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September 11, 2012
By lyseepesee SILVER, Palm Harbor, Florida
lyseepesee SILVER, Palm Harbor, Florida
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Nobody's Perfect.

She gazes at me with the hurt of unwanted blank stares on her face
The agony in her eyes, this is so much more than she can take

It kills me to see her this way, all those struggles and all the pain
She wasn’t always like this, and was never one to complain

But it’s in these moments where she struggles the most
The hard times are now more than they ever were before

No recollection of names, no recollection of the past
Places and faces, they’ve faded way too fast

He never leaves her side and he’s always right there with her
Holding her hand, guiding her steps, giving her anything she needs plus more

It’s heartbreaking to see, and I wish there was some sort of way
To kill off this illness and make it all go away

She struggles with the memories, but her love still remains the same
The amount of love she has for us, no words can ever explain

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem about my grandmother who has Alzheimer's. She has been gradually getting worse by the day and it's such a heartbreaking thing to have to see her go through. She is such an amazing woman and I love her with all my heart <3

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