The Rebirth of Ryhmes (from digable planet rebirth of slick/cool like that)

September 11, 2012
By lreeves GOLD, BALTIMORE, Maryland
lreeves GOLD, BALTIMORE, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
who i am is not in the definition of ur beliefs
i have every right to keep my head held high and regonize
my beauty both mentally and physically..
you dont define me
you've never been webster and you will never be god.
i am a complex being and
my true beauty lies in my state of mind.
physically, i can be all that
but i want ur eyes to see my mind,
your ears to hear my thoughts
and regonize my knowledge
i am poetry...
feel the words that slips off my lips
the emotion that drips off my ink
embrace the aura in every syllable that is written.
Now watch me bring my emotions into your imagination.
it is who i am, i am poetry.

we be the ink drip straight onto the sheet
them, they got sounds bust right outta the speakers
us flow with words like liquid to a river
you dig the flow like diamonds from the earth
he read the terms sink right into a pattern
she feels the beat smooth, from the underground
we bust the rhymes like we hit the mary jane
they flock the words, man rhythm had to change
who freaks the mind with mad amount of lyrics
wearing kinky hair cause hip-hop is the era
why its so fly, cause poetry start some drama
when girls rock their hair into a fro
worry bout the cut so they pushed it to the side
how's this the buzz the entire poetry era?
was fresh to death since they started feeling rhythm
cause words made me think from the left side of my brain
the puba of rhymes like lies and s***
with cozy, funky rhythm beating through your chest
just sending crazy vibes heading down ya block
we be to words what paint be to brush

but I'm cool like that
I'm cool like that, I'm cool

we be the sounds pouring right into your ears
she spit the terms speaking bout her heart breaks
he at the club hanging with the vibrates
them, they be crazy thinking rhythm gotta rhyme
it kicks a plan that could make the crowd burst
me on the side chilling with my free verse
he gives a wave so i guess i say hi (wasup)
who understood yeah understood the rythmes
him heard the beat so he put it to some words
what i just flip gotta loosen up the rhythm
how to contribute or you put it into use
if it gets spits could turn the rhyme drastic
the crowd'll go spastic
poetry gains a classic
pimps be in shock, don't matter I'm better
ax that buster how i roll (man you gon want some more)

and I'm chill like that, I'm chill

we got the free verse dripping from our lips
them, they got jams with beats that hit bombastic
she felt the beat and moved it with the rhythm
me i got vibes when i breathe into the mic
us cuz a buzz when we spit this s*** together
him thats my man with his lyrics on his fingers
they go to space when they hear that boy spit
he rocks a tee from a brooklyn store
the rebirth of rhymes like my metaphors
the lyrics steady flowing like rock and roll
you used to find your drugs in these rhymes you wrote
now you stand on the stage spiting ryhmes onto lyrics

and I'm peace like that, I'm peace

check it out man, i rhyme like that
i write like that
i speak like that

yea i'm slick like that
i spit like that
i verse like that

well i roll like that
i move like that
i groove like that
i spit like that
I'm out

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