Nature's Bed

September 11, 2012
By HeartandSoulequalsInspiration GOLD, Peotone, Illinois
HeartandSoulequalsInspiration GOLD, Peotone, Illinois
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I open my eyes
The sky is gray
Color so matted its seemingly cloudless
The glare makes me squint
In order to see
As I lay motionless in the grass
Opening my mouth I can almost taste
The humidity slowly rising
And feel my hair start to curl
In long, wavy tendrils
A silvery drop falls as if from heaven
Hits my cheek like a forgotten tear
Meets my bare skin
An unwelcome friend
And scatters like shattering glass
It beads
One, now several, rolling down my body to greet the grass below
As more rain descends, tiny, damp soldiers
Now streaming
Like water from a shower head
Bringing me to my senses
Standing up and bounding to shelter
My clothes
Now soaked, and heavy
I lean against a long, thin and white wooden pole
Just outside the threshold of my house
And contemplate the surrounding yard in awe
The majesty, drawing as if in shades of black and white
A masterpiece
A new realization for my minds eye to behold
…I suppose nature prefers me to sleep indoors.

The author's comments:
I wanted to try reading out in the backyard, but i was tired (i think Puck the fairy decided to have fun with me), and eventually i fell asleep only to wake up to a rain storm. Now i just read near a window.

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