September 11, 2012
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Are a packet of many seeds

The most common are
Despair, hatred, joy
They come almost infinite
Some are trees
The others weeds

Despair, Sorrow, Loneliness
Seed that grow
To vine of thorn and thistle
Quick to spread
And common to cut passers by
And yourself, if you don’t keep still
For the thorns to coil
And lock you tighter in its grip

Loathing, Hatred
Seed of spores
If left hatred will only grow
But try to be rid of it
And it may only spread quicker
Fumes, toxic from plants
That grows from spores
Suffocating those on its path

Trust, joy, friendship
Flowers of bright
Slow to grow
And rarely bloom
Some more toughened
Some seasonal
Others you must plant each year

Tree of Life is First to grow
In the garden of human heart
Both sorrow and hatred
Can choke it out
But tree of life
Stands tallest and grandest
Only one other tree can match
But this tree must be planted
By another to the person

Love grow from crush of seed
Over time it reaches high
The most magnificent
Most glorious tree
Durable or week
Many grow differ
But love is the seed most admired
And feared to lose

If tree of love falls
The tree of life stands lonely
Less grand
And we fear we will not live
Long enough for to plant seed again
And that is our demise
Seed of love can always grow

But I warn you
If tree of life where to fall
All else in the garden would wither
And thorn and vine will grow
And linger to its next victim

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