The Alchemy, The Music

September 11, 2012
By TheDarkCryLove PLATINUM, Cleator Moor, Other
TheDarkCryLove PLATINUM, Cleator Moor, Other
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Scent of Poison
Drifting In the Air
Sweat, Sour, Bitter, Ripe
The Alchemist at Work

There Is No Sound
No Squeak of Mouse
No Word of Man
Only the Sound Of

Beep Beep Beep
There Is None of That
Instead There Is
Frizz of Chemicals
Bubble of Liquid
Fumes Dancing In the Air

They Dance, To a Silent Song
Wisp in the Air
Spiral, Bubble, Square
Every Shape and Movement
It Is Enticing

There Dance, Colour-Full
Pink, Blue, Green, Purple
And The Gold, Silver and Glass
Witch Made This Gas
Dancing In the Air

One can only imagine
The silent song they dance to
Perfect partnership to a violent blend
Intoxicating, breath taking

Take the breath
Of others like you did to me
Bring cold onto flesh from inside a heart
Let them feel, the dance on their grave
Run your finger down there spine

The alchemy
The art
The silent song
Not a word sung

Bring smile
To simple people
Give them joy
Place your colourful dance
Engrave it in their eye
For a short while

This alchemy is
Pure, untainted
Magical and entice
Deadly but not because
Of wish of man
To kill, or to liberate

The dance is beautiful
Dance of colour
The silent song.
Turn led to gold
Not to make rich man richer
Use the alchemy
To embed the dance in liquid glorification
Then use alchemy to chill it
Chill to the bone

Use alchemy to stain the silk
Loop it through a hole
For lead turned to gold,
With the dance of the silent song,
To hand upon

Place it over there neck
Not to strangle
But to name the being
Who could accompany their dance
With lute, harp and voice
Or with guitar
Crash of drum
And thud of key

Reward them
For giving the alchemy
A song to dance upon

The author's comments:
This poem drew inspiration by the song Alchemy by Philip Sayce

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