Where Was The Angel?

September 10, 2012
Bright white with purple edges
Unfurling from their broken cage,
Stretch far and wide to the heavens,
The darkness soon beginning to fade.
The onlooker only passes by
Unaware to his dismay,
His brow creased with worry lines
Worried of his daughter's delay.

Golden ring of pure heart
Robe of a silky breath,
Protector of the faithful
Defender against death.
He walks down the alley way
The quickest route to her,
But what happens is unexplained
To him he is unsure.

Breath of the fresh morning dew
Eyes of the rising dawn,
Heart filled with the choir's singing
Righter of the wrong.
The gun is pulled and the scene's played out
He sighs a deepened breath,
Grasping his gift to his little girl
Unaware to what happens next.

Then there she is that little girl
Running down the alleyway,
But there she stops in sudden fear
Not sure of what to say.
The onlooker’s face is filled with tears
As he realized his flawless fate,
And says to the boy with the gun
“It is never too late.”

Gunshots fills the streets that night
Its direction was aware,
But the man that was faithful then
Came away from there.
He took his daughter’s hand in his
And smiled to the holy ghost,
Forgiveness filled his heart
Because he loved his son the most.

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