Wishing Well

September 11, 2012
I stand before
I look down low
It's so deep and empty
I wander how far it'll go
I hope it bears good luck
Then maybe I'll get something good
some of that good luck back
I'm standing, thinking
What could I wish for?
Maybe a car or a house
The ability not to have a feeling of bore
The wisdom of all the ages
The ability and drive to soar
How about money and fame
That'll really be great
Or the gift of the heart to tame
or the choice and knowledge of my fate
But maybe I should just wait
Standby in front of this gate
This gate which leads to a world
Where all those treasures are held
But I won't go in, I won't
Cause life would be such a bore
If I knew all there is to know
If I had it all!

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