Do You Really Know?

September 10, 2012
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Do you really know...
That feeling when you see your mother cry.
That feeling of being useless.
That feeling of having your heart torn to shreds.

Do you really know...
How it feels to see your family
Struggle day in and day out.
Praying that you can get through the month.

You’ll never know...
What you have until it’s forced out of your grip.
Until everything is nothing.

You’ll never know...
How it is to walk on the wrong side of the fence.
Watching, detesting those happy smiles.

I know...
How it is to see those tears.
To detest those smiles.
Struggle that month.

I know...
That pain.
That hatred.
That side of the fence.

I smile,
To tell everyone I’m okay.
I don’t walk on the wrong side of the fence,
I skip to show everyone their wrong.

No matter how many times
I have to climb that mountain.
Scale that fence,
I will overcome it.

I won’t stop until those tears cease to exist.

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