Three's a Crowd

September 8, 2012
By Wolfira PLATINUM, Evansville, Wisconsin
Wolfira PLATINUM, Evansville, Wisconsin
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You asked for space and I let you be
Even though it so bothered me
I hoped that everything was okay
And let you know that in every way
But that was when the walls came in
Which hit my heart just like a pin
More and more were shot at me
Almost as if you were full of glee

Looking at a distance you can't see the dispair
But my heart is crumbling well beyond repair
Soon it cracks, right in two
Because I know that we're through

A week has past, yet I'm not okay
I still think about you everyday
I tell myself that I need to move on
But I just can't believe that you're really gone
I force myself to be strong
Yet in my heart it feels so wrong
No more tears today, no more tears tonight
No more "I love you's" yet no more fights
The good and the bads all ended in a day
Leaving me with such little to say
I haven't had a dream since then
Could this be the start of the end?

I take it day by day
Because there is no other way
And each day is like stiches, trying to mend
A frail heart that won't even bend
But as more times passes, the thread starts to win
Willing my heart to feel something again

Then my thoughts return to him
And suddenly my whole world looks grim
Quickly a knife cuts through what's healed
Making it hurt, more than I can weild
My vision turns grey and I'm lost to everyone
Even the best things in life, seem like no fun

My heart aches, slowly dying
While I'm powerless to stop my crying
Surely the pain must stop at my heart
But to tell the truth its tearing me apart

Staring at the rubble, or what's left of my heart
I'm starting to realize, we'll always be apart
I cared for you and you pushed me away
When you should have been begging me to stay

Well you can play your games and tell your lies
But soon it'll catch you, bringing your demise
What kind of person are you?
To not have a heart, yet you have two
A person so shallow, so concieded
Perhaps you're the one who's really defeated

Two months have past
Again a lone shadow you cast
"Let's be friends, I really want to"
More like, "I really want you"
I'm sorry to say that I no longer trust
After you threw my heart in the dust
No matter what you say or do
I'll never go back out with you

You taught me many things
Like not to believe in happy endings
Also the meaning of three's a crowd
In relationships, nothing seems more loud
There was simply you and me
But some idiots count two as three
It was when she entered the equation
That I look at with the most frustration
I became your "x" and was left wondering "y"
Looking back on it now can still make me cry

Five long "goodbyes"
Left the same sting in my eyes
First comes pain
But where's the gain?
When is it enough to stop?
You've pushed me down from my lowest top
I'm at my deepest dispare
But it's not like you'll ever care

When you told me about your new girl
At first I wanted to hurl
But when I met her and what can I say?
I wish I could be her for a day

I guess no matter what I do
I'll never really get over you

The author's comments:
I wrote this over the course of a few months, while everything was happening. I also read it during Forensics in eighth grade.

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