I Shall Never Let Death Take Me

September 7, 2012
By , Delaware, OH
I tread on the floor once again,
lightly as a mouse,
for I will not let it squeak,
and give away my position in the house,
because I sneak for joy,
I sneak for happiness,
I sneak to get away from the anger,
the regret,
the guilt,
I run when I am clear,
for I have outwitted death,
thou can not catch me,
I shall not end up like the rest,
no matter how many times mom and dad fight,
no matter how many times I want to take flight,
I cannot soar off into the clouds,
away from this world,
to heaven,
or hell,
I must stay,
bound to the earth by my soul which is wrapped in chains,
'till my final day,
I shall stay,
no matter what I try to do or say,
I shall stay,
but as many storms that hit me,
and slap me in my face,
I shall stay,
as many times as I fall to the ground,
battered, cut, and bruised,
I shall stay,
I shall stand once again,
for I am strong,
whether it's fighting,
losing my parents because of myself,
or doing stupid things,
I shall never fall and quit,
I won't give up on life,
I won't slip into death's cool shadow,
embracing me 'till my lungs stop breathing,
'till my heart bursts,
'till my body is crushed,
'till my blood stops coursing through my veins,
I won't give in,
death can make me fall to a knee,
but I will never bow to him,
death can make me hurt,
but I will never die because of what life throws at me,
so death stop holding your breath,
for I have had a hard life so far,
and I'm only thirteen,
but look,
I'm still standing,
I am standing proud,
I am standing tall,
I am standing and I will not fall,
I have not died,
I have not committed suicide,
I am still standing tall,
all you've done is take a piece of the shell around by body,
my heart,
my soul,
but you can never take my essence,
you can never take me,
you can't take my soul,
for I am to strong for that,
I won't leave early,
I won't leave late,
I will leave when it is time for me to go,
because I Shall Never Let Death Take Me.

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