I Shall Never Let Death Take Me

September 7, 2012
By Anonymous

I tread on the floor once again,
lightly as a mouse,
for I will not let it squeak,
and give away my position in the house,
because I sneak for joy,
I sneak for happiness,
I sneak to get away from the anger,
the regret,
the guilt,
I run when I am clear,
for I have outwitted death,
thou can not catch me,
I shall not end up like the rest,
no matter how many times mom and dad fight,
no matter how many times I want to take flight,
I cannot soar off into the clouds,
away from this world,
to heaven,
or hell,
I must stay,
bound to the earth by my soul which is wrapped in chains,
'till my final day,
I shall stay,
no matter what I try to do or say,
I shall stay,
but as many storms that hit me,
and slap me in my face,
I shall stay,
as many times as I fall to the ground,
battered, cut, and bruised,
I shall stay,
I shall stand once again,
for I am strong,
whether it's fighting,
losing my parents because of myself,
or doing stupid things,
I shall never fall and quit,
I won't give up on life,
I won't slip into death's cool shadow,
embracing me 'till my lungs stop breathing,
'till my heart bursts,
'till my body is crushed,
'till my blood stops coursing through my veins,
I won't give in,
death can make me fall to a knee,
but I will never bow to him,
death can make me hurt,
but I will never die because of what life throws at me,
so death stop holding your breath,
for I have had a hard life so far,
and I'm only thirteen,
but look,
I'm still standing,
I am standing proud,
I am standing tall,
I am standing and I will not fall,
I have not died,
I have not committed suicide,
I am still standing tall,
all you've done is take a piece of the shell around by body,
my heart,
my soul,
but you can never take my essence,
you can never take me,
you can't take my soul,
for I am to strong for that,
I won't leave early,
I won't leave late,
I will leave when it is time for me to go,
because I Shall Never Let Death Take Me.

The author's comments:
There's some things going on in my life right now, and I just poured my heart out onto the page. The things listed in this are true, the things that life has thrown at me,my parents fighting,all that.
But I won't quit. I will NEVER quit. I won't commit suicide. I won't just crawl into the shadows, the pit, and let it swallow me whole. I won't go where the light can't reach me, or any part of my soul. I will stay strong. And to prove it, I will continue to get on here and post new stuff. I haven't been on in awhile. Heck, I haven't written poetry in awhile. But I will begin to post as often as I can, and pour my heart, my feelings, my soul out onto the page. You can check out my other stuff if you want. You don't have to leave comments but if you want to, then please do. I would like you to rate it though. Because I'm not gonna be someone on the news where they say Ohio teenager committed suicide. I'm not going to be some statistic on a chart of how many teens are committing suicide because of life, and stress, and bullying. I will live. You'll be seeing some new posts soon. Also, I am changing my name to LifeRulesOverDeath from JD6671. To show how I feel now. My old picture was from first day of 7th grade. But my new picture was taken at my grandpa's house towards the end of summer at my 7 year-old brother Jacob's birthday party. I finally got my pictures from my camera uploaded. I was getting ready to go back to school soon. Now I'm in school, and I'm in the 8th grade. My last year before high school.

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