The Mirror

September 7, 2012
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I held the mirror like my mother once showed me
And thoughtful

It reflected back where I could never stand
On the ceiling
Where I could never wander

There the dazzling glass showed my chin from the bottom
I could see up my nose
See through my bottom lids, as lucent green
And from there I could creep like a spider amidst the stars

I sauntered around the ceiling fan
Laid upon the rough surface
Felt the upper limits
Where I could never reach

I was a child
And my imagination said I could walk where I wanted to walk
Hold onto the fan and swing with it
And skip upside-down on the ceiling

My hair would slowly fall upward
For I was not right side up
And it felt like it was floating off my head
Though it only hung down

The mirror would become my sight
My ears
My touch

I no longer strolled upright
For down was up
And up was down
And I lived inside the echoed world

Until my mother reminded me that I was on the floor
Running my fingers through the carpet
Away on my mind’s eye cloud
Desiring for the impossible

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