Explanation To A Child

September 7, 2012
By AquaRev PLATINUM, Bonner Springs, Kansas
AquaRev PLATINUM, Bonner Springs, Kansas
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I cannot give you a horseback ride
For I simply have no hooves
My mane does not stretch to the floor
As a horse’s would

I cannot let you jump aboard
There’s no such strength in me
My body does not have soft brown fur
And nothing it can I carry

I cannot let you dangle from me
Though I know you love to play
My word, how you have grown so soon

You’re taller every day

I cannot let you feed me carrots

Strong teeth of horses’, I don’t possess

My nose is not a thing to stroke

My side is not a thing to caress

I cannot let you saddle me up

The living room is not a stable

My limbs are becoming older with minutes

I find that I’m not as able

I cannot let you parade me around

It’s not what grownups do

My tail, that swishes, does not exist

Even if it does to you

I cannot let you call me horsy

Please don’t give me a face of gloom

My place is not upon the ground

Something you shouldn’t assume

I cannot tell you how sorry I am
For ruining our special time
But we can spend it doing other things
Like learning to ride that bike

You are my sweet tiny girl
And you always know you’ll be
This is just a step for us

Don’t take it so badly
Believe it or not, one day
You’ll hardly ever see me

Believe it or not, one day

You’ll say goodbye, and leave me

But that’s okay, my little adventurer
It’s supposed to be this way
I can’t wait to see you step off the horse
And watch you fly away

The author's comments:
Let us all let go of the reins and fly

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