Just Look Back

September 7, 2012
By JakMarv BRONZE, Zionsville, Indiana
JakMarv BRONZE, Zionsville, Indiana
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Indide I'm screaming
It's hard to see for the outside
You say you can see it my eyes

The Shadows of the days roam inside me

Deep below it's all standing still
Bubbling up for another day

The Suicide note is written
And ready to be seen

Fire flames up around me
I try to jump right in

It's all to hard to see again
The same scene over again

The laughs and words
It's to distructive to understand

I'm tied down, in a white room
They dont notice im not crazy

Death is always one step behind me
And I'm not to scared, to look back

I feel I should be here
But it hurts alot to stay

I cant believe in myself
I have nothing good to say

The desapearing ways
Always seam to burn
The ashes will soon be spoken

Tie me in chians
Put rocks in my hands
Make me sink at the bottom

The nife's in your hand
Just do it, please
Save me now

The Suicide note is written!
I'm just one shot away!

Burn me in fire!
Take me out!

Throw me off a bridge!
Drown me in a river!

Death is always one step behind me
And I'm not to scared, to look back
Just Look back.....

The author's comments:
Its's about all the feelings of someone who is very depressed.

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