A Ghost

September 10, 2012
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Ghost in a nightmarish sleep.
I can feel your stare.
From the windows that sing at evening stars.
To the 1st floor where we met upon.
Suffocating in your arms I hoped were mine.
Held anothers hands entwined fingers.
My place, my name.
Tear after drowning tear into my pillow.
Substituted hugs.
Back-up lips to swear upon love .
No longer ardent mornings.
Feels like I’m falling off the moon.
Landing in ocean vows.
This ends with hatred so hateful.
A soul floating on musical seas.
Dancing slowly to the final crescendo.
Sh... Rest oh silent broken bird.
Promise once.
Don’t drag me down too.
I still dream, but tonight your name just creeps.

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