September 10, 2012
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How many notes to my life?
How many beats from my teeth?
Could play through a night
Like a musician on a street?

Not enough
Not enough
Not enough rhymes have come from me
So I’ll find an instrument of love
One to teach me a beat
One to teach me to speak
One to teach me to walk, talk, play along with those around me
Without use of a music sheet,

I repeat your words like a roll of thunder
I use them as swords for a life’s plunder
And all somber musical chords,
And all these
Play a note
Or a stroke
That builds like white noise
That chokes on a repetitive position in my own voice,
And I just want to stop that music
And learn my own lessons
Even though I don’t have to
I’ll build some crescendos
Out of others perspectives
Yet I’m set with these frets
Learning from others regrets,

So I try and keep it all silent

And everyone else’s beats
Topple through the gaps of my teeth
So I sound like everyone else
But I’ll never learn piano
Because I don’t have to
I want to reimagine music
Make it with intent
Have my own classics
Whittle my own instrument
Make my words echo these days
Like notes on a page
With some made up phrases
And not even knowing how to play

But what I’m really saying is;
I’m caught up in a stream of ideas that aren’t mine
So I want to live by my own standards
And live in defiance
Of all that was given to me
Make it on my own and keep the rest silent

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