Seeing is Believing

September 10, 2012
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If they say a picture is worth a thousand words,
Then the look in someone’s eyes must be worth a thousand pictures.

The fatigued, weary eyes of a hardworking single dad,
Seeking a brief respite from his nonchalant, everyday life.
The sharp, arrogant eyes of a multi-millionaire,
Belittling anyone other than his neighborhood of opulent friends,
Tells two different stories.

The gleaming, innocent eyes of a newborn baby,
Brightening every room with her ever glowing, luminescent sparkle.
The droopy, weary eyes of an aged grandfather,
That’s been through and seen it all.

The fervent, matured eyes of the valedictorian, eager to go onto college,
The emotionally taxed eyes of a high school drop out, desperately needing a job.
Both sets of eyes are the same age, are the same shape;
Yet they tell two different stories.

Some people have eyes that are blank, undecipherable.
Maybe they have a regrettable past to conceal from others,
The pain concealed under an emotionless pair of eyes.

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