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Cradle to Grave

September 10, 2012
By xo11ellie11xo SILVER, Westport, Connecticut
xo11ellie11xo SILVER, Westport, Connecticut
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Most people search their whole lives to find what I found in your eyes.

From cradle to grave

She sings to you softly

The voice of an angel

The soul of your kin

You taste the tears

As they run down so red

You feel her soft touch

Faintly on your skin

From cradle to grave

You've entered this world

Against your own will

Listen -

The sounds of the echoes not still.

Awaken my child,

For it is your time

Go with no regrets

Neither reason nor rhyme

From cradle to grave

You have not a choice

No one will hear you

Overpowered your voice

Rise with the mountains

Sink with the lake

Don't you see?

There's no give, always take.

Your heart is a platter

From which they will feast

You must dig deep inside

To conquer your beast

Search in the shadows

For what it yours

Quick! Before they

Close up the doors

You've missed your chance

A heart that has stopped

From which blood has drained out

Every last drop.

From cradle to grave

The end is so near

So find out what matters,

And hurry, my dear.

The broken clock

May be frozen now

But time races on

Somewhere, somehow

Don't try and fight it

Don't get up and scream

Your fate is yours

Do you know what I mean?

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