September 10, 2012
By xo11ellie11xo SILVER, Westport, Connecticut
xo11ellie11xo SILVER, Westport, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
Most people search their whole lives to find what I found in your eyes.

A picture's worth a thousand words,

And a thousand scars.

A picture can burn and rip you apart,

Slowly, like burning cigars.

A picture can haunt you for days on end,

There in the back of your mind.

A picture can hurt you like never before,

Pain that will make you blind.

A picture holds a certain truth

That no one wants to see.

A picture will knife you in the back,

Sharp stabs of misery.

A picture reveals who we are

Natural and unmasked

A picture captures verity

Without being asked

A picture will hide nothing

The secrets, they will spill

There you stand, unveiled

A picture, it can kill.

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