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King of the Wasp Willow

September 9, 2012
By PorcilainIris BRONZE, Missoula, Montana
PorcilainIris BRONZE, Missoula, Montana
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-Mark Twain

when would it begin?
A time
a day
a month would do
but punctuality is rigidity
a sin in the world of vine and leaf.

It needs not pardons
it begs not forgiveness
it needs not love
caring nurturing
from a pair of giving hands
like that of what we need
of what our mothers give us

This one stands alone
back to the wind
face to the sun
feet planted firmly
arms spread wide
fingers spread

And thus I ask you this
what is your confidence born of
why are you sure of yourself
lest you not forget
it is you who needs
it is not it who yearns
it need not kneel

Yet reason you see
that you should be king
a needy
delicate king

One the wasp willow should bow to
and do so punctually

The author's comments:
So maybe I do a little bit of poetry... But it's still not my thing. The Wasp Willow is a tree of my making (It goes with my other stories) It's known for growing and thriving in the most absolutely desolate of places.

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