Video Games

September 9, 2012
By Anonymous

Come with me and be my player two,
And together we will discover the truth.
Those evil walking crooks
Are no match for your magnificent looks

Time seems to speed up as we play
And the high score seems to change night and day
Don’t you dare pass by there
You might wake the sleeping bear

It is time to save the game
Before more enemies come and take aim
The night will come soon
I can see past the blinds the moon

Our passion for gaming will lead us to adventure
These games are a real clencher
I could feel your heartbeat raise
As we go through the maze

Paths seem to change for the worst
The long walks have me dying of thirst
Our journey is almost over so push on
Don’t look back or ill be gone

Our quest is not over
So get your lucky four leaf clover
Or it will be an immediate game over
So come with me and be my second player

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