This Bed

September 9, 2012
By irishsista14 PLATINUM, Southborough, Massachusetts
irishsista14 PLATINUM, Southborough, Massachusetts
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This bed
Hundreds of nights slept in
Hundreds of dreams dreamt in
The very same I cried in
Over fickle boys
Over family
Over loved ones.
This bed where I’ve prayed
And learned
And laughed.
This bed
Where I’ve mourned
And screamed
And cursed the world.
This bed
Both good and bad
With me through it all.
This bed
Provided comfort
This bed
A friend.

The author's comments:
I was laying in the same bed that I've had for almost my whole life when I suddenly had a thought: what if my bed was alive? I imagined all the things that it would've have seen me do, all the good and bag things that had happened, all the times I was sad and I just cuddled up in bed for comfort. If my bed was alive, I think it would be my best friend, for it knows who I truly am and it knows everything I've gone through. I took my bed for granted for a long time but I've realized that I'm very blessed to have this luxury. I hope when people read this that they will think of all the things they have taken for granted, all the blessings they have in their lives and just smile and be thankful.

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