I've Dug My Own Hole Five Feet Deep

September 9, 2012
Tell me I'm not the only one
Who's ever felt this way
Who's ever thought like that
Just tell me I'm not alone in this

Sometimes I think of letting go
Leaving it behind
But what am I changing
What am I leaving?

Would it just be more of the same old tragedies
Would it just be more bills for you to pay
Would it just be another problem
That is all my fault

What if I'm being selfish
Doing the one thing I wanted
What if I'm being absurd
That it's just temporary
Out of the ordinary

I think I've made up my mind
I'm shooting for the stars
But I'm aiming at the dirt
Digging my own grave

With over thinking
With too much hope
Compressing every day
Bound to lose a little

But it's all right if you just tell me
But it's all right if I stay
Live for another pointless day
And become one with the fray

What if this doesn't fit
And I'm going nuts
what if this is just dream
I'm bound to wake up soon
Stop dripping fear

I'm alone in this I know
I'm alone and I don't care
I'm alone and I still yell
I'm alone and I still lie

You say you'll miss me if I leave
But apparently not
If I'm sitting all alone
In the shadows of your smile

But I'm hoping for the best
With what little I got left
Maybe it's gonna change
Maybe I'm underachieving
For a reason

Maybe there's a point to this
Maybe it's an excuse
Maybe I'm just a coward
But I'm willing to bend
But I'd much prefer a hand

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