Live and Love

September 9, 2012
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Love is a 4-letter word.
Love is a small word that holds so much meaning;
to love is to live and to embrace who you are.
To love is to accept one another.

Living isn’t always perfection,
having dreams that are not easy to achieve,
does not mean they are not impossible.
Learn to fight for life and fight for goals.
Learn that you deserve to make all of your ambitions a success.

Appreciate who surrounds you and where you are in life.
Be grateful that you have the opportunity for greatness.
No matter what you believe,
what you look like or what you have done,
you have the chance to do anything and everything.

Finding yourself is a journey on it’s own.
Giving up on what you aspire to do is cowardly;
push yourself toward your goals and create a path toward your dream.
We as humans can only live,
as we must eventually die.

So while we live, let us all fight;
Fight for love, happiness and for our lives.
Hold your head up high and be proud of who you are.
Smile too much and laugh too loud.
Live every moment to the fullest,
not only for yourself yet for those
who don’t have the chance.

now is never to late.
To give up is to sacrifice your ambitions.
Every day is a fresh start,

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