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i'm coming back

September 9, 2012
By Anonymous

I've ran from you for so long
I've ignored your voice for too long
doubted you, when i should have
trusted in you
made you sad
instead of proud
i am sorry
and i am glad you took me back
i couldn't stand another day
out there on my own
on my own...

I'm coming back
into your arms again
I'm coming back
to your love again
I'm coming back
to where i belong
hold me
please keep me strong
I'm coming back
back home
to your grace
your mercy is all i need
I'm coming back
please hold me
I'm coming back...home
I'm coming back

I'm back home
in your arms again
i was like a prodigal son
who had come back home again
you threw me a party
and welcomed me back
you were not angry
you took me in
with open arms
thank you god
I'm coming back.

The author's comments:
dear god
please see this peice
next time you gaze from heaven into cyberspace
thankyou for always being here for me
even when i dont want you to be or dont deserve it
you truly are wonderful
thank you so much!
im coming back to you.
yours truly, A. P. C.

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