Before I Met You

September 7, 2012
By Anonymous

Before I met you my life was so great
My dad was my best friend and I was his world
We would sing in the car and talk about the day

I love you
You love me
We go together like baloney and cheese
We stick together like peanut butter and jellyyyyy!!
I love you
And you love me

He pushed me on the swings and I sat in his lap and fell asleep
I was my daddy’s little angel and nothing could compare.
We had our own private jokes
And would whisper to each other throughout the day
He gave me soda at night so I could stay up late
Watching Home Improvement while sitting on his lap

Before I met you my dad was my second half
And I always came first, before anything else
But then my world was destroyed
And my soul was truly ripped in two

After I met you
I waited on the curb
Anxiously looking for his bug white van
But each weekend the wait become longer
Until I never saw the van that day
And was forced to walk back inside
As sadness filled my being

Work became more important
My dad starting fading away
The mean words weren’t far
And the nightly phone calls were no longer there
For me to look forward to

You gave him diabetes (yes I blame that on you)
And forced him to choose me or you
His hair turned gray
And work is all he does now
And I'm lucky to see him once a week
Because you pulled him away from me

Thanks for ruining the life I could have had
With my dad

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