I am that girl

September 7, 2012
By zeguela GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
zeguela GOLD, Baltimore, Maryland
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Hate cannot outstrive hate, only love can do that
Darkness cannot outstrive darkness only light can do that


That is a girl who has never known her place
A girl who has always thought life as a race
Never took time to see the world above of talents
Exceeding, is a girl who never reflected the idea of being gallant
Everywhere she looked it felt like everyone had their chase
I believe it’s because that girl has never been embrace
She always had the strength of helping others but never herself
Sometimes I feel like that girl can’t even reach the shortest shelf
Being terrified bounds you from adventures others explore everyday
Does you heart want to continue spending the rest of your life this way?
You have a large capacity of gifts that are ready to be personally shown
So why are you hiding under rainy clouds and then suddenly you’re all alone
Don’t be afraid of painless greatness because the greatness is afraid of you
If you stand and think you’ll realize the opportunities that were long overdue
You had all these occasions located as a fastidious threat
Dreaming back from the present having a heart filled with many regrets
But all is done now, there’s nothing to be said or repaired
So now you can adjust and locate a record that is truly rare
Because that girl is no longer the girl that doesn’t know her place
Now she doesn’t see life as a race
That girl was always someone who tried hiding beneath
That girl who survived all this was absolutely me

The author's comments:
A shy and humble girl finding her way to light from shade.

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