Deadman Wonderland

September 7, 2012
By Butterflykisses16 SILVER, Lincoln, Nebraska
Butterflykisses16 SILVER, Lincoln, Nebraska
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A place where you've hear laughter,
And where you've heard cheers,
But now you only hear the silence,
Where the place was built for fun,
Now it was torn down and rebuilt as a institution,
For those who are insane,
But its new name is Deadman Wonderland,
A place where the insane people go,
A game that you see on t.v,
But a very dangerous game,
If you don''t pay your cards right,
One might die,
Two might be killed,
Four will be gone,
The chase is on,
You shall not be the loser,
Be the winner,
The time is ticking,
Deadman Wonderland,
Now you hear the screams of people,
No place to run too,
Eat your candy to stay alive,
Earn points to earn your freedom,
Don't worry its only fun in the games,
But Deadman Wonderland,
Is not a wonderland,
Its just a nightmare,
That you're living in,
Deadman Wonderland,
The games is only for you to see.

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