Advices from a teenage girl

September 7, 2012
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Not every problem is as big as you think
Don’t be afraid to ask your mom for help
Moms can be more useful than you think
Believe in true love
When you’re in love do everything you can to show it
Follow your gut instinct
Do what you know is right even if it won’t make you popular
Being popular is over rated
Don’t be afraid of what people think
Embrace the real you
Even if the real you isn’t who your friends want you to be
If someone tries to change you they probably aren’t worth your time
Do something for others
It’s okay to pamper yourself sometimes
But you will always feel better when you do something for some one else
Cry let your self have emotions
Express yourself
Whether that means painting, singing, or wearing bright colors
Just do it and do it without caring if others think you’re strange
Embrace your inner crazy. Everyone has one so show it off from time to time
And let your critics wonder
Finally spend time with those who love you
When you surround yourself with love and support
You know that everything will be fine

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Saya said...
Sept. 19, 2012 at 8:30 am
I really fell in love with your poem "Advices from a teenage girl". It‘s about how you shouldn‘t hide who you are, be yourself without having to be afraid of what others think even if your friends or family don‘t like it. Its a very encouraging poem and thank you for the amazing advice. It said something about that when you have problems or need somebody to talk to you shouldn‘t be afraid to talk to your mom about it and that moms are more useful t... (more »)
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