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Hey Dad

September 7, 2012
By Anonymous

Hey Dad,
It's me...
What happened to us?
Why aren't you here for me?
Why haven't been here all these years?
I know your Dad left you,
so why did you leave us?
Sure you were in the house,
but your involvement ends there.

You make up excuses,
like "We shoved you out."
There was nothing to shove out.
"It's hard for me to see you change."
I wouldn't have changed,
if you wouldn't have left us to our own devices.
"You're an odd child,"
And who made me that way?
You didn't care,
and You probably never will.

You sat there all the times,
a man should be helping,
and caring for his family.
You sat there,
you let us fall.
And you watched.

It's been hard.
I see my friends with their dads.
Why isn't that us Dad?
You let me down.

I wanted you to be there...
be there for me!
But you abandoned us!
Just like Grandad did you.
Guess our blood does run.
How can you even do that,
knowing how bad it hurts,
how can you do that to me?
How do sleep at night, Dad...
And Why??

This story doesn't have a happy ending,
the best lesson I learned from you?
Life's hard,
get used to it,
people disappoint you,
so what?
Move on,
pull your own burdens,
and don't trust people.
Because, they will only hurt you.

You used to say my emotions got the best of me,
fine Daddy...
I'm human,
I hurt,
I cry,
and I wish for things I know will never happen,
like you reading this and waking up.

Over the years,
I never let you see me cry,
Now you'll never know,
I'd hide,
and I'd cry,
Because my Dad gave up on me.

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