September 6, 2012
By Anonymous

I wanna be pretty
Like, skinny, clear skinned and tall
With long legs
And muscles
I wanna fit
Into a size 2 skinny jean
And gladly put on a double D bra
I want to be noticed
Not just a fleeting thought
But I want you to stop and
I want you to want me
As much as I want you
And I wanna keep you hoping
Keep you praying
That someday I'll give you a chance
That someday I'll be good enough
For you...

I don't wanna cry
And cut and starve
In order to get you to say my name
I wanna hear "T"
Every time you see me

I don't wanna wear make-up
And put on a mini skirt and heels
Or beg for you to give me a hug
I don't wanna
Wanna cry every time someone
Else comes before me
I don't wanna text you
Friend you
Talk to you first
For you to talk to me
I wanna love you
As much as you love
To hurt me
I want you
To want only me
And for only Me.

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