Empty Breath

September 5, 2012
Roots grasp for my feet
Reeking of death and hope.
They intertwine themselves,
Through my bones.
Stretching veins and arteries.

I feel the poison soaking into my skin,
Turning everything black.

Suddenly I’m blind,
And all I can taste is mold from the rotten floorboards.
All I can hear is the drip of the broken faucet.
All I feel is each molecule of air breathing,
In perfect unison around me.

Reaching in front of me I find my way out,
Into the yard bulging with sunlight.
Falling to my knees moisture soaks into my bones.
It slips out of my eyes and falls down my cheeks.
I taste tears on my lips.

Like dropping a stone into the middle of a pond,

A chain reaction begins.
The tears trigger my sight,
And I remember the time we stole glances,
Of the sea from beneath the sand.
The memory triggers my hearing,
And I hear the shrill cries of the ambulance,
As it took you away.

I feel the grip of your hand,
As you intertwine your fingers through mine.
And I feel your empty breath on my cheek.

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